New year’s resolution almost failed

My god it was hard to get myself to start a blog. Initially, I made a new year’s resolution to myself that I would start writing. I even created a blog on WordPress but never wrote a single word until now. Lucky me, I was inch away of cracking my new year’s promise but apparently didn’t.

But why to write a blog?  After talking to many people who are more aware of social media than I am, I’ve been convinced that blog is a great channel of expressing one’s own thoughts and being active in the social media. I also see it as a great way to follow up my own thoughts.

I didn’t want to set a specific topic for my blog. Rather, I write about several issues that are close to me such as entrepreneurship, social science, management, travelling and sports. Hope some of

Oh and what is comes to my blog topic, it is the quote of my  favorite detective, Lt. Colombo! 🙂

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